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Cartagena, Bolivar. June 9, 2022. @MinInterior. The Minister of the Interior Daniel Palacios set up the National Conference of Assemblies and Deputies of Colombia CONFADICOL, an integrating space for Colombian democracy.

Political decentralization is aimed at involving the community in making the main decisions of the country.

«More than a billion pesos are the resources that the Ministry of the Interior has invested supporting CONFADICOL because this strengthens the country. We believe that regardless of political beliefs these spaces of integration strengthen and preserve Colombian institutions,» said the head of policy.

In this space, it was also emphasized that no Mayor, Deputy, or Councilor of Colombia should feel that they cannot do their job because of violence preventing them to do it.

«As the National Government we have shown faith in deputies, in institutions, in councilors, in town councilmembers, and in the JAC, because we believe in the democracy of Colombia,» said Palacios Martínez.

In relation to strengthening the security of the Bolivar department, resources have been allocated with a value of more than $100 billion in investment by the Ministry of the Interior.