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Bogota, June 8, 2022. @MinInterior. The Minister of the Interior, Daniel Palacios, presented the 2022 Citizen Security and Coexistence Awards which recognize the effective, innovative initiatives of territorial entities, social organizations and members of the public forces which contribute to improving coexistence and security in the country.

The Ministry of the Interior received more than 274 initiatives participating in 10 modalities and 3 categories denoting the work of territorial entities, social and community organizations, the private sector, and members of the public forces to contribute to improving security and civic coexistence.

«For me it is a pleasure today to present these Awards of Security and Citizen Coexistence 2022. Here we are, everyone who works towards a safer Colombia. We recognize and exalt the work of all those that are determined to generate plans, programs, and projects to fight crime,» said Palacios Martínez.

Categories and Award Winners:

To social and community organizations, highlighted by initiatives for citizen coexistence:

-Women’s House and Family Foundation, Amazonas.

-Virtual community network of Valle del Cauca.

-Promoting a social conscience. Chinú, Córdoba.

To the best initiatives of citizen coexistence in the Private Sector:



-Corporation for the sustainability of the Palo River sub-basin, CORPOPALO.

To the best Comprehensive Plans for Security and Citizen Coexistence (PISCC):



-San Andrés de Tumaco, Nariño.

To the leaders in their work to strengthen citizen security:

-Vicente Blel Scaff, location of the Infantry Battalion in Bolivar.

-Jaime Pumarejo, «Security, citizen coexistence on the street in the community» Program

-Gloria Doncel, new police station.

To the best leaders who worked to strengthen citizen coexistence:

  • Elsa Noguera, «Viva la Barra, Viva la Convivia» Program

-Carlos Alberto Maya, Actions related to the management of social protest, «Pereira es un parche».

-Fabián Echeverría, «Security and Coexistence Strategy for the Agricultural Sector». La Union, Nariño.

To the best Commanders for their work in citizen security:

-Colonel Daniel Mazo «Safer Southwest» Campaign.

-Colonel José Arturo Sánchez «It is an honor to be a policeman.»

-Captain Daniel Cartagena: Focusing strategy on quadrant.

To the best commanders highlighted for their work in strengthening citizen coexistence:

-ST. Annie Rodríguez Suárez, Civic Police Program, Child and Youth Police Program.

– CT. Sandra Cardona Program for children with difficult homelife situations.

-IT. Alexander Segura, Child Safety Program.

To the best comprehensive actions in FFMM:

-General Luis Fernando Navarro, National Army, «Faith in Colombia» Program.

-Specific Command of San Andrés and Providencia.

-Air Force Substitution of illicit cultivation of cocoa.

To the heroic actions of coexistence and citizen security:

-PT Nestor Geovanny Chisco.

-Policemen injured while thwarting assault on MINT company.

– Sgt. Deputy First Luis Herrera.

To the best initiatives and actions of the Colombian Military Forces:

-General Command of the Military Forces.

«Tonight we all meet to say thanks to our Police, to our Army, to our Armed Forces, to our Air Force, local and departmental leaders, the private sector, and to social and community organizations for working to ensure safety for Colombians,» said the head of policy.

These awards praise the tools and guidelines for the construction of Integral Plans so that they become an instrument that allows the territorial authorities to carry out planned, relevant, focused and truly comprehensive interventions in the area of security and citizen coexistence in the country.