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The investment into this new Police Station was more than $8 billion.

The construction of the Mocoa Police District was announced with an investment exceeding 18 billion pesos

Villa Garzón, Putumayo. June 10, 2022. @MinInterior. Interior Minister Daniel Palacios arrived in the department of Putumayo to deliver a new Police Station for the municipality of Villa Garzón and motorbikes to strengthen the Army’s capabilities in the municipalities of Puerto Caicedo and Puerto Asís.

The Police Station will benefit 23 thousand inhabitants of Villa Garzón. It has the capacity for 73 uniformed employees and 375 meters of constructed area and the total investment amounts to $8 billion COP.

«We announced today the construction of the Mocoa Police District with an investment exceeding $18 billion Colombian pesos. Thus we reiterate the commitment of the Government of President Duque to work to improve the conditions of security and coexistence in the department of Putumayo,» said Palacios Martínez.

The Ministry of the Interior also delivered motorbikes that will strengthen the security and timely care of the Army for the municipalities of Puerto Caicedo and Puerto Asís in the department of Putumayo.

He also restated that the government will guarantee the security and freedom of the elections of June 19: «From here we want to emphasize again that this Sunday begins the election process abroad and that in a week we will be voting to elect the next president of Colombia.

All security measures are in place: The Democracy Plan will have more than 240 thousand men from the National Army and the Military Forces deployed throughout the national territory. More than 97 thousand police will be deployed with 20 thousand additional men who will be oncall in areas of electoral constraint, the places where organized armed groups intend to intervene in the vote.»

In the department of Putumayo the National Government has invested about $20 billion COP to strengthen security and to convince the region.