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Bogota. June 13, 2022. @MinInterior. The Minister of the Interior, Daniel Palacios, participated in the launch of the Public Policy of Informal Vending, which will contribute to their labor inclusion, training, and the reduction of poverty and inequality in this social sector.

MinInterior highlighted the work of informal vendors in the country, mentioning that today tools exist nationwide.

«The tools to recognize a population are given here today,» Palacios said.

Palacios also recalled that the fund was created within the Bank of Projects with Icetex to give forgivable credit to the most vulnerable populations of the country and within that initiative, $2.5 billion COP is provided for the children of informal vendors.

«This serves as a start financing through the Icetex with credit forgivable for children of informal vendors so that they can go to private universities to perform under- and postgraduate degrees,» MinInterior noted

What are the objectives of Public Policy?

-Reduce the economic vulnerability of informal workers in the public space.
-Reduce the loss of social and economic capital due to acts of conflict.