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Medellin, Antioquia. June 15, 2022. @Mininterior. The Minister of the Interior Daniel Palacios led the Regional Electoral Security Council for the department of Antioquia along with the National Army, National Police, Registrar Office, local and municipal leaders.

The Minister of the Interior announced that 23,500 men from the security forces will be present as part of the Democracy Plan during and after the elections on Sunday, June 19.
«Here is a device that is fully designed to ensure that people from Antioquia can go out and exercise their right to vote freely and safely, «said Palacios.

In addition, the Head of Policy pointed out that an emphasis will be placed on the Urabá area, where special operations, control posts, and military checkpoints have been set up for the fundamental purpose of preventing the purchase of votes and illegal resources from entering the Urabá area.

In the face of the cold weather spell in the country, the Minister said that three voting posts are being evaluated for possible transfer due to cold weather emergency.

«The decision about the movement of polling stations will be made on Friday at the Winter Unified Command post,» The Minister pointed out.

Finally, Palacios Martínez reiterated that in Medellín there is information about invitations to demonstrations and rallies, and it is expected that if they occur they will be carried out with absolute adherence to the law and without violating rights or putting at risk election day.