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Everything is ready for the presidential elections to take place in complete calm and normalcy in the country.

Barranquilla. June 15, 2022. @MinInterior. Interior Minister Daniel Palacios arrived in the department of Atlántico to advance a Regional Electoral Security Council in the city of Barranquilla for the departments of Atlántico and Bolivar. Together with the security forces, control bodies, and departmental and municipal authorities, it will ensure security and public order in the region’s June 19th elections.

Through the Democracy Plan, more than 321,000 military and police personnel will be deployed throughout the country to ensure security on election day.

«The departments of Atlántico and Bolívar will have more than 13 thousand men between military forces and police; 8,548 for the department of Bolivar and 3,668 for the department of Atlántico, who will guarantee security in the presidential elections in these two departments,» said Palacios Martínez.

In conjunction with the National Registrar of Civil Status, electoral materials have been delivered to more than 98 percent of these two departments.

«A strategy has been designed to fight against vote buying, especially for the departments of Atlántico, Bolívar, Sucre, Córdoba, Magdalena, and Cesar, with a special emphasis on checkpoints at the entrance of the cities of both Barranquilla and Cartagena, targetting electoral crimes,» reiterated the Head of Policy.

More than 20,000 men were prioritized where possible constraints may occur, especially in southern Bolivar and in areas that have been Gulf Clan and ELN strongholds.