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Bogota, June 16, 2022. @MinInterior. The Head of Policy, Daniel Palacios, led the Committee of Electoral Guarantees in Bogotá along with the Mayor, Claudia López, National Police and Military Forces and control entities.

The joint work between the government, deployment of the Public Forces, and Mayor of Bogota in the first round of the presidential elections guaranteed an election day with calm and normalcy without any regrettable incident.

«The message that we want to convey here in the capital city to all Colombians today is that we have more than 11,300 police working to guarantee security, a strategic reserve of more than 4,000 National Police, 3,000 National Army members joining this operation and more than 5,000 military force personnel who will be deployed in Cundinamarca, added to more than 2,000 REMSA men who will also be supporting them,» said Palacios Martínez.

«These security measures and operations will react to any possible act of violence or disturbance of public order in the country,» the Interior Minister said.