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Directorate of Government and Territorial Management

About Us

We are the dependency in charge of coordinating the formulation and execution of the policies in territorial, security and citizen coexistence matters. The Direction has been fostering the strengthening of the departmental and municipal administrations for the formulation of policies and activities which allow governors and mayors to lead the strategies which may promote the deepening of decentralization, public management social control, development of pilot experiences in the improved management and local government, coexistence and citizen security and the administrative and budgetary improvement for the attention of the displacement phenomenon and people trafficking in the country.

What We Do 

We coordinate the formulation, articulation and execution of the policies in territorial issues by leading strategies which involve the strengthening of the territorial entities, through the deepening of decentralization, security and citizen coexistence, providing support to territorial coordination in matters of policies for victims of the armed conflict, fighting against people trafficking and taking responsibility for the control and mitigation of risk situations which may threaten or damage the population regarding human rights and International Humanitarian Rights, with the special support of competent authorities.

We currently have four groups that support our dependency’s work:

Sub-Directorate of Security and Citizen Coexistence

Responsible for the technical support for the territorial entities and the definition and application of the Public Policy of Security and Citizen Coexistence; it participates in the definition of strategies to preserve public order and manage risk situations and alterations thereof, and supports the formulation, elaboration, implementation and monitoring of the public policy for security, comfort, and coexistence in soccer games. 

The sub-directorate has a Citizen Security and Public Order Observation Unit, which is responsible for the information analysis for implementing the public policy of Security and Citizen Coexistence.

Support Group for the Territorial Coordination in Matters of Victims of the Armed Conflict

The Group supports the Territorial Coordination in Matters of Policy for Victims of the Armed Conflict, renders advisory and technical assistance to the territorial entities for implementing the Integral Attention Policy to Victims of the Armed Conflict between the Government and the territorial entities, pursuant to the valid legal regulations, and it also does follow-up, in accordance with the legal norms in force.

Group for the Fight against People Trafficking

Advises and provides coaching to territorial and municipal entities on the implementation of the National Strategy against the People Trafficking, through activities such as the advisory and technical assistance to the 32 Departmental Committees for the Fight against People Trafficking.

Support Group to Territorial Management and Good Local Governance 

The Group seeks to consolidate the Government Administrative System locally, aiming to strengthen the advisory processes in territorial legislative, decentralization, planning and retail development issues in the territorial entities to ensure legitimacy and local governability.