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Directorate of Human Rights

About Us

 The Directorate of Human Rights of the Ministry of Interior is the Government Instance that, through the practical use of expert knowledge and creative thinking, guides and formulates public policies to generate a legal framework governing respect and human rights and International Humanitarian Right guarantees. It implements the policy aiming to prevent infringements to the right to life, freedom, integrity and personal security, and tracks the impact of implementing the formulated policies, for the effective enjoyment of rights, especially for the most vulnerable populations.

What We Do 

Our work is to lead the formulation, monitoring and assessment of the integral national policy of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Right components. Furthermore, our work establish the general guidelines for the design and implementation of mechanisms for the prevention and protection to people at special risk or extreme risk against their life, integrity, freedom and security, due to causes related to political or ideological violence, or the internal armed conflict.
Three groups support and lead the different objectives of our dependency:

Group for the Design, Monitoring and Assessment of Public Policies and Standards 

Responsible for leading the process to formulate the integral national policy components for the prevention of violation and protection of human rights and the tracking of the implementation thereof. 

Group for the Preventive Management of Risk of Human Rights Violation

Designs and implements effective, timely prevention measures with a differential focus, together with entities and authorities of the different territorial levels and promotes the participation of the beneficiary communities to ensure the exercise of the rights to life, integrity, freedom and security of groups or communities faced with special or extreme risk. 

Group for Promoting the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Right Public Policy

It discloses and promotes the appropriation and implementation of the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Right integral national policy and the institutional competences of the public entities at national and territorial levels regarding these matters.