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Morelia, Caquetá. October 8, 2022 @Mininterior.  The Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, accompanied the President of the Republic Gustavo Petro at the Governors’ Summit in a dialogue for life, peace and development.

The National Government reaffirmed the importance of working on peace, hunger, water, climate change, energy transition, human security, macroeconomic stability and social justice.

“The greatest task in these lands is for the forest to remain im tact and expand, as one of the great pillars of the world’s climate. We must defend the life of human beings and nature,” President Petro asserted.

The Head of State stated, “We must reach a consensus about the terms of how to achieve an increase in the capacity to face climate crisis in each part of the nation.»

“Increasingly, we have the ability to prevent disaster without having to assume an emergency policy,” the President said.