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General Secretary

General Secretary Carmiña Berrocal Guerrero

She was born in Bogotá, she studied at Saint George’s School and later joined the Law School of the University of Santo Tomás where she received her law degree in 1989. In 1990 and 1991, she completed a specialization in Business Law   at the Andes’s University.

 She has served as an assistant attorney for the Ciudad Salitre Project – Fiducia B.C.H in Gómez Estrada y Cía Ltda. Lawyer in the Superintendence of Companies.

 She participated in the liquidation of several Colombian banks and financial corporations as legal assistant to the liquidator.

 She worked as an associate at Gallo Medina  associate attorney.

 She has extensive experience in the academic area.She gave class of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure before the Research Academy of the D.A.S.

 She served as Professor of Law (Commercial Companies and Private Contracts II) at the Univervesity Santo Tomás.

 Throughout her career she has served as consultants in commercial law, labor law and law of the solidarity economy sector.


The development of the functions of the Secretary General is based on the norms in force regarding public management, such as the guidelines and directions contained in the National Development Plan, the Interior Development Plan, the Ministry Administrative Development Plan, the Government Action Plan of the dependency and the Improvement Plan in force. This also applies to the mission, vision, policy grounds and strategies of the Entity; structure, objectives and functions set out in Decree 4530 of 2008, which provides for the Functions and Requisites Manual.

This legal frameworks materializes at the Secretary General with the application of its corresponding principles and values, which govern and determine the way how work is done, and ensures compliance of the objectives: Service Ethics, which implies loyalty and reliance on the Ministry, its mission and objectives. The outcome has been the support to the mission processes and the development of the Institution mission and objectives, making great efforts to achieve a transparent management aimed at service, within the framework of responsible and ethical actions.
  1. To support the Ministry in determining the policies, objectives and strategies related to the Ministry administration.
  2. To lead the execution of programs and activities related to financial and accounting affairs, public contracting, IT technical support, administrative services and document management.
  3. To establish policies and programs for the administration of personnel, social wellness, selection, registry and control, training, incentives and human talent development, and direct the management thereof.
  4. To chair the Management Committee of the Ministry of the Interior.
  5. To manage the acquisition of resources for the development of plans, programs and institutional projects.
  6. To ensure the operation of citizen service provision and the attention of claims and complaints filed by citizens on the performance of dependencies or people working at the Ministry.
  7. To present the Annual Cash Program to the Ministry of Treasury and Public Credit, pursuant to the financial obligations acquired.
  8. To lead the preparation and execution of the Procurement Plan of the Ministry.
  9. To direct and guide the maintenance and improvement of the assets of the Ministry of the Interior.
  10. To track the correct execution, accounting and submittal of tax, budget and accounting reports and accounts of funds assigned to the Ministry directly, or through its funds.
  11. To coordinate the group responsible for disciplinary investigations undertaken against the Ministry officials, and to resolve them in the first instance.
  12. To direct, coordinate, control and assess activities related to the acquisition, storage, custody, distribution and inventories of elements, equipment and other assets needed for the normal operation of the Ministry and its funds, specially ensuring compliance of the current norms that govern these matters.
  13. To design organization processes, standardization of methods, preparation of function manuals and all those activities related to the execution of the administration processes of the Ministry, together with the Planning Consultancy Office.
  14. To support the direction, coordination and enforcement of administrative control of entities ascribed to, and related to the Ministry, pursuant to the regulations governing the matter, and the instructions issued by the Minister.
  15. To support the operational management of the Fund for Democracy Participation and Strengthening, in furtherance of the legal provisions directly, and through its subordinate areas.
  16. To attend the requests and enquiries related to its matters of competence.
  17. To support the development and sustenance of the Institutional Management Integrated System and the observance of its recommendations in its area of competence.