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Puerto Asís, Putumayo. October 10, 2022. @MinInterior. The National Government was present in the department of Putumayo, installing a Unified Command Post (PMU) for Life, providing an immediate response to the assassinations of social leaders in the region. 

The Ministry of the Interior, together with the Ministry of Defense, the High Commissioner for Peace, the National Protection Unit (UNP), the Public Prosecutor’s Office and international organizations met with the community and social leaders of Putumayo to work on protecting the lives of the department’s leaders and community. “The situation called for an immediate presence by the government in Putumayo. The PMUs for Life have a very specific objective to seek among the community, the National and Local Government and the international community, measures that facilitate the prevention of risks and the protection of life,” said Franklin Castañeda, director of Human Rights in the Ministry of the Interior. 

During the PMU for Life, the community and the leaders expressed their gratitude for the presence of the National Government and made their demands among which the protection of the rights of the community took precedence. “The idea that we have proposed is that there be immediate reactions and today we can say that the Government is putting into practice what the President stated in the speech, that life is the top priority,” said Wilmar Madroñero, Human Rights Coordinator of Putumayo – Piedmont, Cauca and Jardines de Sucumbíos.

The National Government showed its support for the community and its intention to be a transformative entity that works to build total peace in the territories by providing a rapid, effective and timely response to the resolution of conflicts that arise in the country.