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The Government installed the first Unified Command Post for Life with communities in the department of Cauca, to protect social, environmental and human rights leaders.

Caldono, Cauca. August 20, 2022. @MinInterior. The Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, traveled to the department of Cauca with the Ministers of Labor and Environment, High Commissioner for Peace, Director-Designate of the UNP, Director of the Land Restitution Unit, President of the Senate, Chairman of the Peace Commission and Congressmen of the Republic, to carry out the installation of the Unified Command Post for Life and to hear the demands and concerns of the Indigenous, Afro, leaders and peasants of communities in the region.

“The purpose of this visit is to set up the first PMU for Life and to work in the face of threats that endanger the lives of social leaders, human rights, environmental rights and peace-makers. The government of President Gustavo Petro is committed to protecting them,” said Minister Prada. 

The head of the Ministry of the Interior also said: “This is the third visit of the National Government in the territory, which shows the unwavering will for dialogue, unity for total peace, as the President has stated. Likewise, a proposal is sought to prioritize national investment; therefore the presence of Congress is very important.” 

During his speech, Minister Prada stressed the importance for the government to work for this territory. “Cauca for us is a huge priority that is dear to the President´s heart, and furthermore it is an order that he has given us to achieve peace in Cauca. If we achieve comprehensive and total peace in Cauca, I have no doubt that we can dream of having total peace in Colombia.»

“The National Government has raised in all possible scenarios the need to not evade anymore in the way that the issue has been historically evaded and rather to become central actors of the solution. For this reason, a very strong tax reform is being carried out, to get public resources in order to even have the possibility of buying the necessary land and compensating the lack of access to it historically. The goal is establishing a path of popular credits, which will allow indigenous and Afro communities to access industrialization and association in the countryside,» emphasized Alfonso Prada.