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A pact of zero aggression was reached with a cessation of hostilities and affectations, demonstrating the will of the parties to move towards Total Peace.

Guachené, Cauca. October 7, 2022. @MinInterior. The Head of the Interior Ministry, Alfonso Prada, arrived in the department of Cauca to accompany Vice President France Marquez, to set up the third roundtable dialogue in the municipality of Guachené in order to listen and deliver solutions to citizens living in the region. 

During his visit to the department of Cauca, Minister Prada pointed out: «We arrived in Guachené, in Cauca, accompanying Vice President France Marquez in the installation of an important roundtable dialogue that seeks to solve conflicts in the department, especially regarding the issue of land invasion.” 

In this dialogue, the community was listened to before the resolution presented in the first session discussing the implementation of actions that generate peaceful, just and democratic solutions to conflicts between social, ethnic and economic actors in this area of the country.

“We must achieve a path to pacification between the different actors to resolve conflicts. We have to be able to resolve them with reason, not with the use of force. We will continue to insist on dialogues with the communities until we reach zero violence,” said the Head of the Interior Ministry. 

“We appreciate the recognition in general of the presence of the Government in the territory, because for the first time there is no need to block the road or attack in order for the Government to reach the territories repeatedly. We have a redoubled responsibility, by popular mandate, to prioritize the investment budget in the regions of the country,” explained Prada Gil.

Minister Alfonso Prada expressed the work of the Government of Change to achieve Peace in Colombia. “If we achieve peace in the territory of Cauca, we are able to build total peace in Colombia. We have begun to work on a regional dialogue action plan that will end between November 24 and 25 at the great social dialogue of north Cauca. Because we have a pact of zero aggression, because there is a will on all sides to move towards total peace with a cessation of hostilities and aggression, which I hope we will be able to realize in the coming weeks.” 

At the closing of the dialogue, Prada highlighted that «a week ago an entity of the importance of Indepaz noted that in Colombia, in September, deaths of leaders decreased by 46%, and a CERAC report was just published that they dropped 40%. In other words, these two measures coincide and show that in September the aggression in the territory and the assassination of social leaders began to decrease. However, we deeply regret that a murder took place yesterday here, it hurts us.”