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Bogota, October 11, 2022. @MinInterior. During the second debate of the Political Reform in the plenary Senate, in the Congress of the Republic, the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada Gil, called for change in the country in order to live democratically in Colombia.

The head of the Ministry of the Interior stressed the importance of gender parity in the country, which will allow for greater participation and equality. “This concept of parity, alternation and universality, is the essence of the Constitutional Reform project,” said the Interior Minister.

The head of the political portfolio also pointed out the importance of the change attached to the thinking of the Colombian people. “It is critical to send a message of change to Colombia. Yes, there is exhaustion in the electoral system, because two electoral systems coexist on the ballot, making life difficult for citizens,” the official said. For this reason, it was proposed to homogenize the electoral procedure, which would allow a clear process for Colombians and, in turn, lead political parties to an internal democratization.

Key points approved during the second debate of the Political Reform in the Senate:

1. Internal democracy of political parties and movements. 

2. Includes as a cause of the loss of legal status the lack of internal democracy for the election of elected directors and candidates. 

3. Financing electoral campaigns and political organizations. Predominantly state-funded.

4. Compliance with rulings of the State Council in situations where the blank ballot follows the first ballot and the latter does not accept the term of that seat.

5. No one may be re-elected for more than 4 consecutive terms in public corporations (Senate, House, Assemblies, Councils and JAL).

6. Strengthen executive party political accountability.

7. Clarifies the participation of congressmen in terms of funding.

8. The registration of candidates in popular election processes, closed list, blocked and alternating.In conclusion, Minister Prada addressed Congress by stating that Colombia is a country that has changed as well as the importance of being tuned in. “This new country is of the modern party, the democratic party, the party that is able to make internal decisions respecting parity, respecting the participation of young people and presenting itself as unified in a political project, even with a presidential candidate. We’ve won majorities in Congress and naturally winning the presidency of Colombia,” stressed the head of the Interior Ministry.