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Cicuco, Bolivar. July 2, 2022. @MinInterior. The Head of the Interior Daniel Palacios accompanied President of the Republic Iván Duque to the municipality of Cicuco in the department of Bolivar to deliver a shake it to the Park Type 1 project, promoting healthy living, a tight-knit social fabric, and physical activity for young people, children, and the elderly of the municipality.

This benefits a population of more than 13 thousand inhabitants of the region with an investment by the Ministry of the Interior of $1.3 billion COP.

“Today we are fulfilling our promise to the department of Bolivar, with projects and investments that transform lives and promote recreation for our youth, strengthening security, healthy living, and development in the region,” said the head of policy.

This project is a multifunctional recreational space which promotes culture and exercise, strengthening the social fabric and contributing to safety and citizen coexistence in the region.

“There are more than 335 Shake It at the Park projects to be handed out by the Ministry of Interior. They are $1.3 billion COP-value works that in municipalities like Cicuco change lives because they are designed to promote culture, exercise, and entertainment. We want young people to be kept away from gangs and drugs,” said Palacios Martínez.

In addition, the Minister of the Interior announced the construction of a new police station for the municipality of Cicuco, Bolivar that will contribute to improving security and healthy coexistence in the region, an investment close to $3.9 billion COP.