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“We cannot find any other way out of conflicts in the territories without dialogue,” Afonso Prada, Minister of the Interior, said.

El Bordo, Cauca. August 25, 2022. @MinInterior. The Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, led the Intersectoral Commission for Rapid Response to Early Alerts, CIPRAT, to alerts 019 and 020 issued by the Ombudsman’s Office for the municipalities of Buenos Aires, Santander de Quilichao, Caldono, Almaguer, Bolívar and Sucre in the department of Cauca. 

During the day-long event held in the municipality of El Bordo, Cauca, the head of policy listened to community leaders who were part of the early warnings.  “We come to complete in historical terms the installation of this Commission. We want to form a preventive presence. What we do not want to forgive ourselves for as a Government is that there continues to be an alert, an imminent threat to social leaders and populations, and that the national government has not been an immediate presence among the institutions to stand with them and defend them from the threat,” said Minister Prada.

The Minister of the Interior reaffirmed his commitment to Colombians through social dialogue: “That is why we came: to heed these early warnings. For that we call on all the institutions of the State and the entire community to end war and conflict in order to live in a Colombia that is a world power of life.”