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Bogota, August 31, 2022. @MinInterior. The Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, together with the Minister of Agriculture Cecilia Lopez and the Minister of Justice Néstor Osuna established agrarian and rural jurisdiction. 

The head of policy stated that the creation of agrarian and rural jurisdiction develops one of the key points of compliance with the peace agreements, which will allow for a specialized judicial body to resolve land issues in the territory.  “The issue of land in Colombia has been one of the causes of the conflict in the country. We are fulfilling our mission via our government program, and making this a reality is what we invite the Congress of the Republic to do with this initiative. This will surely raise the quality of life for our farmers in the country,” said Minister Prada.

That legislative act provides:

1. Establishment of the special jurisdiction.

2. Facilitation of access to specialized justice for peasants and Colombians in general.

3. Assurance that specialized justice is executed in a prompt and effective manner.

4. Generation of solutions for the land conflict that has existed for decades in the country. 

The Minister of the Interior called on the Congress of the Republic to make the creation of the jurisdiction a reality as a clear path towards total peace.