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Padilla, Cauca. August 31, 2022. The Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada Gil, led the Regional Peace Dialogue in Cauca on his fourth visit to the department.

«Here we hear news that generates pain among Colombians because it is a confrontation between communities, ancestral peoples, original peoples, campesino peasants, indigenous people, black community members, and businessmen.  It hurts us because around these communal tensions there are illegal interests that complicate life even more, threatening communities and confining them in some cases, such as in the south of the department and even among displaced people. We have managed to return about 300 people to the South of Cauca,” said the head of the Interior. 

“We want to establish a route to achieve peace, harmony and coexistence throughout the department,” emphasized Alfonso Prada. 

Likewise, the Minister of the Interior announced that in the previous visits, “a technical table was agreed upon to advance in the elaboration of a joint vision of territorial development, which as President Petro has pointed out, is binding social dialogue,” he said.

Faced with the conflict over land, he indicated that it is an issue that must be resolved in these four years. “We have a democratic, popular government, committed to the Colombian people, committed to meeting their basic needs, and we will completely act to meet the requirements of the population,” he said. 

Finally, the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, encouraged “a dialogue table with all communities in order to lower to the lowest possible temperature any type of aggression and have proposals for dialogue to respond.”.