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Bogota, August 23 from 2022.@MinInterior. The Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, attended the call of the first committees of the Senate and House to present the 2023 budget for the Interior sector.

During the day in Congress, the head of the Interior issued an invitation to reflect on harmonizing – towards the future – the moments when budgets are approved during governmental transits. “We have presented a budget for the interior sector and the Ministry. Particularly the National Protection Unit, UNP – which has the obligation to guarantee the safety of the lives of Colombian women and men throughout the territory – is unbalanced, underfunded and the resources are insufficient to protect the lives of so many people threatened in Colombia,” said the Interior Minister.

The National Government calls for a budget that allows a real change for life, “that change for life begins, among other things, in the Ministry of the Interior, which has as its mission to protect the lives of Colombians and ensure that social leaders will not be assassinated,” added Minister Prada.

The Minister of the Interior assured that by this point in 2022 the budget of the interior sector amounts to 1.3 billion pesos and the economic requirements can be doubled to ensure the presence of the State in the territories. On the other hand, the head of the policy announced his visit to the department of Cauca where he will attend two early alerts that “clearly make evident that there is risk to the life of social leaders in the municipalities of the South of the department,” the official stressed.