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Tumaco, Honey. September 17, 2022 @MinInterior. Interior Minister Alfonso Prada installed the fifth PMU for Life this time in Tumaco, Nariño.

From the department of Nariño, the Head of the Policy announced that they have received reports of nearly 300 murders so far in 2022 in this region of the country.

“We have designed a strategy that allows us to adopt shock measures for the protection of the lives of Colombians and those living in this region,” Prada noted.

The Minister reiterated that the PMU for Life has coordinated 49 measures that will contribute to reducing all risks. 

“There is a concrete objective: to reach zero homicides in the Colombian Pacific and more so in the Nariño Coast,” Prada Gil said. 

The Minister of Interior announced the following measures in the PMU for Life to be adopted in Tumaco:

– Reactivation of the roundtables on guarantees.

– Installation of the territorial roundtable in Tumaco and Nariño.

– Installation of a concentration roundtable for the Awa people.

– Channels should be created for the articulation, coordination and strengthening of the relationship between the indigenous, Afro-descendant and peasant watch in order to promote good relations between the watch guards and the security forces.

In addition, Prada recalled that next October 6 he will be in Tumaco once again with all the institutions, government and represented parties in the Great Binding Social dialogue advancing communication with all the actors of the region.

Finally, MinInterior made a call to move towards total peace which implies having concrete expressions of will.

“That is why we are insisting again on a ceasefire, on a cessation of hostilities. Because in the midst of the hostilities of the conflict in Colombia, when a government is extending its hand for peace dialogues at home and abroad, in the regions, the least we expect is a gesture of peace, like a truce, like a ceasefire,” the official said.