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The commitment to advance dialogues concerning total peace in Colombia confirmed.

Bogota, October 2, 2022 @Mininterior.  The Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada Gil, accompanied the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, in the installation of the Monitoring, Promotion, and Verification Commission for the Implementation of the Final Agreement – CSIVI, one of the most important instances where the Colombian State meets with different policymakers to advance the implementation of the peace agreements signed in 2016.

Minister Prada confirmed that there is a total commitment to move forward. “It is a place where the problems in the interpretation of the agreements are resolved, but also permanent recommendations are made for the promotion and implementation of the peace agreements. I believe that nothing is more opportune after almost four years of inactivity in the CSIVI, than to reactivate it at this moment in time as we begin the path towards dialogue for total peace.”

The Minister of the Interior added that, “the first point of President Gustavo Petro’s government program has been the implementation of the Comprehensive Rural Reform. Many suggestions will have to be followed up so that we can do our best, and that is why these bodies, like the CSCVI, are the ones to follow up on and make recommendations that we will receive with all the appropriate judgment. ”The Installation event was attended by representatives of the National Government; Laura Sarabia, Chief of Staff; Danilo Rueda, High Commissioner for Peace; Rodrigo Granda Escobar, Delegate of the Commons Party; Javier Camaño Cairo, Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba; Nils Martin Gunneng, Ambassador of the Republic of Norway; Carlos Ruiz Massieu, from the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia; delegates of the Special High-level Body of Ethnic Peoples (IEANPE) and delegates of the Special Instance of Women (IEM), among others.