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The day was led by President of the Republic Gustavo Petro in the company of the Minister of the Interior Alfonso Prada, senior military officers, Director of the UNP, Attorney General’s Office, Congressional Peace Commission and Mayor of the District of Buenaventura.

Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca September 6, 2022. @MinInterior. The Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, accompanied the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, at the installation of the Unified Command Post (PMU) for Life, in the District of Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca, where he announced the installation of 49 measures to be taken, 29 of which are within the shock plan that has been announced in all the Unified Command Posts installed in the country.

The Minister confirmed that the Ministry of the Interior “gave the instruction for simultaneous installation in the 65 municipalities most at risk in Colombia, one of them being Buenaventura. Today we have heard a line of work from President Gustavo Petro, in which he clearly demands two fundamental elements: The first of them is to work on the fight against discrimination, racism and exclusion, which are particularly plaguing this city, to build alternatives for employment, in terms of fishing, timber, in terms of legal crops. And on the other hand, creating conditions so that the port is not taken  over under any circumstances by common crime.”

The head of policy said that in the face of the security situation of Buenaventura “the port has been taken as an exit for drug trafficking and as a smuggling entry point through money laundering, two elements that make the port under permanent threat of the mafia”.

The Minister of the Interior added that inequality lead young people to offer their services to the mafia, which he called a breeding ground for a generation of violence and assured that the commitment from the National Government is based on “pillars that must be defeated: poverty, inequality, drug trafficking and money laundering.”