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Procedures and Services

What is a procedure?

The set of requirements, steps and regulated actions by the State, within an administrative missionary procedure, that users should carry out before a public or private administration or institution that requires administrative functions. This procedure is in order to obtain a right or comply with a provided or authorized obligation, by Law, whose result is a product.


Administrative Procedures – Other Administrative Procedures OPA(Services)

The set of actions that are realized in carrying out the administrative function in order to achieve and comply with the State’s standards, within the rules and principles that govern them.
The procedure is intended to protect and guarantee the effectiveness of the rights for all natural and legal persons with the authorities and to facilitate private relations with them as users or recipients of their services, in compliance with the principles and rules provided by the Political Constitution and the law.

Administrative Procedures – Other Administrative Procedures OPA(Services)

¿What is the Website of the Colombian State, PEC www.gobiernoenlinea.gov.co?

It is a web tool that allows for the updating and uploading of content and information of processes and services, of non-national nor territorial origin, offered by the Colombian Government whose objective is to be the unique access point for this information; all of its content is organized by subjects and subheadings for its citizens. Upon accessing the website, a search can be executed by the user, whether it be a citizen, business or public servant; the procedures and services for each entity can be found there, as well as other areas of interest such as this one. This technical assistance comes with an agile search engine organized by city, specific procedures, and the name of the specific governmental entity in question.