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”We want to reject acts that threaten communities, community and social leaders. And that’s why our presence in Cauca as a national government is one of mediation, as facilitators, organizers of dialogue against violence and for peace», according to MinInterior Alfonso Prada.

Popayan, Cauca. September 2, 2022.  The Minister of the Interior Alfonso Prada Gil continues to lead the Regional dialogue for Peace in Cauca.  The head of policy reached agreements with the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca, CRIC.

During the meeting of more than 15 hours, the working plan between the National Government and the Indigenous Community was reviewed, over which a work route for the next four year relationship between the two parties was outlined. 

“We have designed a new path of relations that engages both the Indigenous or First Peoples, and the National Government in a very serious, responsible, technically sustained task that we aspire to implement to improve the quality of life of the indigenous people in the department of Cauca by serving its development and growth, particularly in the northern region,” said Minister Prada Gil.

The head of policy stated that “a breach of commitments of more than 52% was found compared to the agreements with the CRIC made in the last four years.”

Minister Prada also reiterated the concerns of the National Government, rejecting the acts of violence that have occurred in the territory against the Indigenous Community, particularly those targeting young people.  “It seems to us that the call to attention made today by the indigenous peoples, the communities of Cauca, is a call that we have to support as a government. We have already installed the Unified Command Post (PMU) for Life. We have opened a humanitarian dialogue with different social sectors, and that has an objective: to establish peace in the territory,» added the official.

The head of the Interior, added that at least 29 measures have already been announced, ranging from compliance with early warnings, protection of life directly via collective and individual measures adopted by the National Protection Unit (UNP), before communities and their leaders that will allow the installation of defense measures in record time which the community requires to be able to repel any type of aggression that they are victims of.