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The Metropolitan Police of Boyacá received 40 motorcycles, an investment of $1.258 million COP.

Tuta, Boyacá. July 1, 2022. @MinInterior. The Head of Policy Daniel Palacios arrived in the municipality of Tuta to deliver a Municipal Administration Center, a CAM, and tools to strengthen the abilities of the fire department in the municipalities of Belén and Ciénega located in the department of Boyacá.

For the construction of the CAM, $3.226 million pesos worth of resources were allocated. This benefits the over 8 thousand inhabitants of the sector. The facility has 2 floors and a basement with approximately 494 meters of construction in its entirety.

To strengthen the response capabilities of firefighters, a type A Carrotanque Cisterna was delivered, an investment of $469 million COP in the municipality of Belén, plus 1 support and coordination vehicle for $230 million in the municipality of Ciénaga, also located in Boyacá.

In addition, the Metropolitan Police of Boyacá received 40 motorcycles, an investment of $1.258 million COP, distributed as follows:

-Sogamoso: 5 motorbikes.
-Tunja: 20 motorbikes.
-Duitama: 5 motorbikes.
-Paipa: 5 motorbikes.
-Chiquinquira: 5 motorbikes.

“This is why we bet on the territory – we bet on Boyacá. I feel very honored to be able to be here today delivering this important CAM and sending a message to the 10 thousand inhabitants of Tuta. We came to improve their quality of life. Just because it is a small municipality doesn’t mean that everything has to be old, no: they have to have the best conditions and with the best technology,” said Palacios Martínez.

Likewise, 44 community projects funded by the Bank of Projects were delivered to the communities: indigenous, JAC, Afro-descendants, NARP, Carrera 5K Mujer Comunal, female entrepreneurs, Campamento de Jóvenes Comunales, Placa Huella pavements, and an audiovisual media contest based on historical memory. This investment of $878 million COP by the Ministry of Interior will benefit more than 3,700 people in the region.

During its four-year term, the government has invested more than $27.445 million COP in Boyacá to support the timely response of the National Police.