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Bogotá, Congress of the Republic. September 13, 2022 @MinInterior. The Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, established the Legislative Act Draft on Political Reform, which amends the Constitution. 

“This legislative act seeks to realize measures to ensure better citizen representation, a better quality in Colombian democracy and additionally better compliance with the peace agreements. It seeks to review, deepen and make necessary institutional adjustments of democracy in Colombia, leading to full political and citizen participation in all political and social sectors to face the challenges of building peace in the country,” said Alfonso Prada. 

In addition, El MinInterior exalted the commitment of this government. “This Reform addresses new issues, but also reopens debates that had to be approved before 2016. Today with this bench majority we want to submit to Congress the possibility that parties can present closed and blocked lists with 50/50 political parity which guarantee the fulfillment of the historic pact”. 

Also included in the text was to address «the gender perspective of the peace agreements, the right to equality of women is prioritized, following with the commitment of President Gustavo Petro. Additionally, the age for Senators and Representatives in the House is reduced: we propose that it be a compliance with agreements with student mobilization, which at 18 years old have the ability to choose even the president, but are not able to be elected,” explained Prada. 

According to the project, the financing of electoral campaigns of political parties, movements and significant groups will be exclusively state-run, under the 50% advance system and the remaining 50% will be made by reinstatement of votes.

“We created a new way of obtaining legal status, you know that it is tied exclusively to the percentage of votes when exceeding 3%. They achieve representation in the corporation and manage to maintain legal status. But we have created it as planned, even in the agreements that are obtained and retained the status with 0.2% of political party affiliates and movements, without needing to reach the threshold. In other words, there is the concept of the threshold for parties, but there will also be the concept of affiliation for political movements, which are not parties, that get a minimum vote and have the vocation to deepen their participation in Colombian democracy,» the Minister of the Interior said.