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“We are a government built on dialogue which is why we will respect this dialogue, with all the truth and honesty of the case” – Alfonso Prada, Minister of the Interior

Santander de Quilichao, Cauca. August 11, 2022. @MinInterior. The Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, led the installation of the social dialogue table in the department of Cauca with the Vice President of the Republic, France Márquez, the Governor of Cauca, Elias Larrahondo and the Minister of Agriculture, Cecilia Lopez, where they listened, discussed and worked on finding solutions along with the public and entrepreneurs of the department.

The first three days of President Gustavo Petro’s administration have been focused on regional peace. For this reason the head of policy moved to the region of Santander de Quilichao to attend to the public order situation present there. “We will listen to them; we will understand the magnitude of the issue.  Yesterday I spoke to the Ombudsman who made an assessment. He made me a map of the issues we have to solve and confront here as a team, all with our public forces,” said Alfonso Prada, Minister of the Interior. 

In the first instance, Minister Prada and the task force will follow up and evaluate decree 974 and each of the commitments that have been made. Together they will adopt measures or make recommendations for the effective implementation of the agreements that each has to comply with. “I understand there are about 12 conflicts. We have been looking at them in the grand scheme of things, and we want to address them in the best way possible. I would also like to declare myself a member of the Bureau of the Ministry of the Interior and sit down at the table to be fully available to listen to you, to see if we can identify the path of peace, harmony and tranquility,” the head of the Policy stressed.