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Bogotá, Congress of the Republic. October 6, 2022. @MinInterior. The Tax Reform Bill was debated in Congress for the second time with 75 articles. 

Minister Alfonso Prada, thanked the congressmen for their support for the approval of the Tax Reform: “Thank you very much for the discipline, concentration and care you have in such a complex project, more than 900 proposals, hundreds of hours dedicated to the study of the debate.” 

In addition, Prada added, “This bill is the most important bill for President Gustavo Petro and for the Government, to the extent that it weighs and finances the priority investments for the Government of change and the world power for life, which will be our development plan.” “We are building within the regions among the Colombian people, and we hope to bring it to the consideration of Congress in a few months as well. Because this reform will be the most powerful instrument for change proposed by President Petro and for which he was elected with your approval and will surely be welcomed by the majority in the Senate,» said Minister Prada.