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We have extended the hand of dialogue to all the actors in the conflict and they are responding to us”: Min Interior

Medellín. September 22, 2022. @MinInterior. The Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, participated in the International Meeting on the Prevention and Transformation of Social Conflict, in Medellín. This event was organized by the Ombudsman’s Office, with USAID and FUPAD Colombia.

During the international meeting on social conflict, Minister Prada highlighted the country’s drama: “Despite the undeniable beauty of the country, so many conflicts that hit us and what you hear most about us is that we are killing ourselves for land. What a shame.»

Likewise, the head of the Interior Ministry said that, “We have ancestral land problems that were not solved with the Peace Agreement and that must be solved with a fair Agrarian Reform. The response that the State gives to the afro, indigenous and campesino communities that complain cannot continue to be giving them bullets to solve their problems. Therefore, we will advance 50 binding social dialogues which aim to listen to the people in each territory and region so that we include their demands and concerns in the elaboration of the National Development Plan. This is unprecedented.”

 In response to the Government’s political reform in Congress, Alfonso Prada stated, “In our democracy many feel excluded. Disagreement also generates conflicts. We seek to ensure equal representation so that half of the Congress, to name only one institution, are women.”

“We have defined the 65 high-risk points of the country for social, environmental and human rights leaders, places where there are literally no guarantees for their lives. We must intervene there to protect them, because that is our mission: to stop the bloodshed and barbarism,” the public official said. 

Finally, the Minister of the Interior, concluded: «For example, in the great social dialogue that we conducted in El Catatumbo, which is the region that produces the most coca in the world, we brought the proposal to make a large investment in crop substitution and that instead of persisting with the Troncal del Catatumbo, that money is better invested in projects for its people. Because this is a Government that believes that society’s priorities need to be changed and that those priorities should be determined by listening to the people through dialogue. We have extended the hand of dialogue and all actors in the conflict are responding.”