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Vice-Minister of Political Affairs Daniel Palacios

The Vice Minister of Political Relations of the Ministry of the Interior, Daniel Palacios, will be in charge of coordinating the legislative agenda and citizen security issues and replaces Francisco José Chaux, who was in charge of the Vice Ministry from April 13 to 12 November 2019.

The new Vice Minister is a political scientist with an emphasis in International Relations from Florida International University. He has a certification from George Washington University and the Universidad del Rosario in Senior Management and Public Policy. He also has a certificate in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation from the Harvard University School of Law. And he also has a Master’s degree in Government with an emphasis on Defense and Homeland Security from Harvard University.

He was a private advisor of President Álvaro Uribe, worked as the chief of staff of the Colombia Joven Presidential Program and was a liaison in the Congress of the Republic of the Ministry of the Interior and Justice.

Palacios was an adviser for Political and National Security Affairs to the Commander of the Colombian Military Forces and the National Army. He was also a councilor of Bogotá during the period 2016-2019 and president of the Bogotá Council for the Centro Democrático party.

Duties of the Vice-Ministry’s Office of Political Relations 

  •  To lead the formulation, adoption and monitoring of the Ministry’s public policies aimed at strengthening relations between territorial entities and the Nation and the territorial governance, as well as the internal public order and citizen coexistence.
  • To lead the formulation, adoption and monitoring of the policies aimed at strengthening the relations of the National Government with the Legislative Branch through the promotion, monitoring and control of the National Government’s Legislative Agenda.
  • To plan, coordinate, propose policies and establish guidelines to direct the political framework of a Social Rule of Law, the autonomy and territorial governability, in accordance with the Ministry’s guidelines.
  • To assist the Minister as liaison, communication and coordination among national public entities in the central and decentralized sector, and the territorial entities and their decentralized organizations.
  • To support the elaboration of the Administrative Sector’s strategic planning, in its matters of competence.
  • To coordinate and track the Ministry’s activities ascribed to its office to ensure full compliance of the Ministry’s functions and its plans, programs and projects.
  • To support the strategic management of the Security and Citizen Coexistence Fund in furtherance of the legal provisions.
  • To support the development and support of the Integrated Institutional Management System and the observance of its recommendations in its scope of competence.
  • To attend the requests and enquiries related to its matters of competence.
  •  Any other assigned duties that may pertain to the nature of this office.