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Cartagena, September 7, 2022. @MinInterior. The Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, participated in the 24th Congress of the National Association of Public Utilities and Communications Companies (Andesco), which was held in the capital of the department of Bolivar, where he spoke about the importance of binding social dialogue as a path for the construction of total peace in Colombia.

During the Congress, the head of policy reiterated the importance of binding social dialogue for the construction of total peace that will allow “building collective outputs based on dialogue founded on difference, with problems the size that I am presenting you, so that we may build a legitimacy in the presence of the State with an investment supported by the Development Plan and the budget.”

In addition, he said that thanks to social dialogue, the presence of criminal structures in the zones hit hardest by violence will be de-legitimized. “Around the peace talks we have presented a draft reform to Law 418, which allows us to move forward with the regional talks. So, along with these regional dialogues, we want the presence of the High Commissioner of Peace and his delegates, because around the dialogues – for example, in the Cauca Order or in Catatumbo – we automatically start to address illegality,» reiterated Minister Prada.

The Minister of the Interior also pointed out that there are 65 high points of conflict in the country where the goal is to generate an open solution, through the Unified Command Posts for Life. “We believe that there is a path through and a possibility for dialogue, we believe that dialogue is the only way and a regional dialogue is where the solution can be found, between those two municipalities where the common denominator between the actors and territory exists,” the official said. 

Likewise, the head of the Interior said that the struggle in the region has become an aggravating factor and cause of conflict in the country, “where we all must work to solve issues of access to land that have generated many conflicts in 65 regions, but we have also identified 49 regions where the access to water should be prioritized in order to improve and guarantee the right to a life of dignity for all Colombians.”