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Cartagena, September 8, 2022 @MinInterior. The Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, participated in the Business Congress for a Prosperous and Sustainable Colombia, Confecámaras. 

During the event, the head of the Ministry of the Interior reaffirmed the commitment of the National Government to regional dialogue in the area: “Peace is not simply signing a paper with demobilization and the laying down of arms. Peace is the realization of justice, social justice in the nation and the possibility of decent living conditions for all Colombians.”

The head of policy referred to the importance of the Development Plan that will be presented to the Congress of the Republic and which he assured will be “based on the components of social justice with equity, including the fight against climate change and the protection of the environment and peace as a primary instrument to achieve equity”. 

The Minister also referred to the work advancing to address the issue of land in Colombia and the Comprehensive Rural Reform, which he assured will be structured on the basis of democratization, access to land without violating private property.

In addition, the head of policy explained the importance of access to credit for poor farmers from the countryside: “We need popular credit to reach the the poor rural working class farmers, with a sustainable income so that they are encouraged to take part in crop substitution and focus on production on lands that are in conflict, starting in the nation. With the possibility of working towards a collective vision, land can become productive and on that land right and fair taxes are paid to strengthen rural enterprise.”

At the close of his speech, the Minister of the Interior pointed out, “We have worked on two fundamental concepts, which are the armed conflict in Colombia, with the map of water and the sustainable development of the nation. For example, we are now moving with President Petro to the Canal del Dique in Barranquilla, to review the conditions in which we will face one of the worst winter crises in history within a few days. In terms of water we are facing great problems due to population settlement. We’re challenging nature itself, but water recovers its course.”