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Bogotá, Congress of the Republic. August 17, 2022. The Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, together with the Minister of Agriculture, Cecilia Lopez, attended the Congress of the Republic, a Legislative Act recognizing the campesino as a subject with constitutional rights.

The MinInterior stressed that it was indebted to Colombian campesinos (or country peasants) and exalted that with this legislative act they will have new tools to intervene on their behalf.

“To lift them out of poverty and to give them instruments of productivity, which in the end is what the generation of equality seeks.” Prada elaborated.

On the other hand, the head of policy pointed out that the campesino in Colombia has not had access to land, has not had access to credit, has not had access to the industrialization of food production. 

“The peasantry in Colombia today is in poverty. The poverty figures are alarming.” MinInterior Prada also stated that this Legislative Act has been directly elevated to constitutional status, so that there can be no doubt that campesinos in Colombia are subjects of law and entitled to special protection and activity by the State.