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Puerto Asís, Putumayo. September 25, 2022. @MinInterior. The Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada Gil, together with Congressmen of the Republic, local and departmental authorities, law enforcement and control bodies, installed the Unifying Command Post (PMU) For Life in Putumayo. Joining with all the institutions, they adopt effective measures that protect the lives of environmental, social leaders and human rights defenders in Colombia.

The National Government established the Unified Positions of Command for Life, as an inter-institutional mechanism to deal with law and order situations, for 100 days in the different regions of the country.

“We announce that next November 10, the entire national government will advance the binding social dialogue to listen to the difficulties of the communities of Putumayo in order to draw up a road map for solving these problems in the region,” said the head of policy. 

The objectives of the programs are to minimize the risks threatening human rights defenders and signatories of the peace agreement, to generate immediate protection for this population, to identify risk factors, to create a road map and timetable for prevention and protection activities, and to bring all national institutions to their territories. 

“We will not allow that leaders are stigmatized and persecuted for their social, environmental and human rights work. Through a shock plan, we will implement 49 effective and immediate measures to guarantee life in the territories, especially in those with the highest risk factors,” said the Interior Ministry. 

At the end of the PMU Por La Vida in Puerto Asís, Putumayo, in the Amazon foothills, the head of the Interior Ministry said, “We heeded the early warnings issued by the Ombudsman’s Office, and we reached agreements and commitments with communities to reduce threats against leaders while committing ourselves to protecting their lives. We come to listen to them and give them solutions.”