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For those compatriots who decide to stay in the country, the state will offer them alternatives for a decent life._

Bogota, September 9, 2022. @Mininterior.  On National Human Rights Day, the Minister of the Interior Alfonso Prada participated in the commemoration event led by the Attorney General’s Office and OEI Colombia.

In the framework of the commemoration, the head of policy assured that with the announcement of President Gustavo Petro, the opening of the border between Colombia and Venezuela will recover the Human Rights status as effective for a safe return.

“Starting with a great integration in terms of cargo, transport and, naturally, human beings are caught in between, Venezuelans who have arrived in Colombian territory. We must always apologize for the stigmatization, the discrimination to which they have been subjected,» indicated Mininterior. 

On the other hand, the minister reiterated that for Venezuelan citizens who make the decision to stay in Colombia, the State will offer them the alternatives to have the dignified life they deserve.

“They are deserving as compatriots of our territory, history, culture and as human beings – the mere fact of being a human being who lives in Colombian territory makes them creditors of constitutional rights and therefore normalizes their situation, maintaining a pace of regularization and order of their legal situation, in short, not treating them as illegal criminals, but as compatriots who have the right to normalize their situation and acquire the fundamental rights of  other Colombians,” said Prada Gil.

Prada reaffirmed that it is the responsibility of the State to guarantee the rights of migrants while they are in the country. Let us remember that initially the air connection and the transport of cargo between the countries will be resumed. 

“We have an enormous commitment to President Gustavo Petro, to the government, to our Armed Forces, to all teams guaranteeing peace in the territory, which is another effective way to guarantee the observance of human rights,” said the Minister of the Interior.