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Directorate of Prior Consultation

About Us 

We are a division that leads, together with the corresponding entities and dependencies, the processes of prior consultation required in accordance with the law. Furthermore, we establish guidelines, methodologies, protocols and different tools to carry out prior consultation processes, in accordance with the provisions established by the legislation on the matter.

What We Do 

The Directorate of Prior Consultation of the Ministry of the Interior ensures the due process in the Fulfillment of the Fundamental Right to Prior Consultation of the collective subjects with special protection registered in the area of influence of any project, work, activity or legislative or administrative measurement that is subject to Consultation, in accordance with the Constitutional Case Law.
Our dependency has 4 areas that contribute to the development of our daily work:

Certification Area 

It develops the certification procedure pertaining the presence and existence of ethnical groups in direct influence areas of Projects, Works or development activities. 

Management Area 

To coordinate and monitor de prior consultation processes in each of its stages, within the framework of the projects, works or development activities that may affect ethnical communities.

Legal Area 

To legally support the Directorate of Prior Consultation, by monitoring constitutional decisions, advising the certification and management groups in legal matters.

Resources and Logistics Area 

To lead the administrative, budget and financial management of the Directorate of Prior Consultation.