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Minister of the Interior Daniel Palacios Martínez





Profile of Daniel Palacios Martínez

Daniel Palacios Martínez is a political scientist, with an emphasis in International Relations from Florida International University. He has a master’s degree in Government with an emphasis in Defense and National Security from Harvard University, from where he also has a certificate in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation and is a Lieutenant in the National Army Reserve.

He was a private advisor to former President Álvaro Uribe, Chief of staff of the presidential program Colombia Joven, Advisor for Political Affairs and National Security to the Commander of the Colombian Military Forces and the National Army, Professor at the Law School of the Sergio Arboleda University , President of the Bogotá Council, Director (e) of the National Protection Unit, Ad Hoc Governor for Puerto Antioquia.

As Vice Minister of Political Relations of the Ministry of the Interior, he led the legislative agenda, relations with territorial authorities and public corporations, as well as citizen security issues and the fight against Human Trafficking.