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The Ministry

Within the framework of competences and the Law, the Ministry of the Interior must:

Institutional Description


Within the framework of competences and the Law, the Ministry of the Interior must:

  • Formulate, coordinate and execute the public policy, plans, programs and projects regarding human rights and humanitarian international right.
  • Work in the integration of the Nation and territorial entities, in matters pertaining to security and citizen coexistence, and regarding the needs of ethnic or vulnerable populations and LGBTI community.
  • Carry out activities to strengthen democracy, citizen participation, community action, freedom of religion, prior consultation to indigenous and other ethnic groups, and legal issues of copyright and related rights. 
  • Coordinate the relations between the Executive and the Legislative Branch for the development of the National Government’s Legislative Agenda.


To enforce the direction and coordination of the public policies for strengthening democracy, coexistence and citizen participation; the enjoyment of rights and public liberties, and the total exercise of the Social Rule of Law, as well as to lead the articulation of policies aimed at strengthening decentralization and to become the interlocutor of the Interior affairs regarding political relations within the Nation, with the National Congress, the territorial entities and the different social parties, regarding the reinforcement of the Social Rule of Law  under conditions of respect for the democratic values, the preservation of the internal public order and solidarity.


The Ministry of Interior will be acknowledged as a leading governmental institution, by its capacity to successfully summon civil society, public institutions and political parties for the development of the democratic and shared values in a Social State of Law, coexistence and security, solid integration and initiative for the autonomous enforcement by territorial entities in benefit of the consolidation of the Nation’s development.